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Robert Palacio

Autobiography of Robert Palacio

Robert Palacio is a Mexican North American second-generation entrepreneur and aspiring community leader. He is the sole proprietor of Palacio Prints, an heir to Fresno’s Kool Design, the leader of the Fresno Community Gardens, and the facilitator of Palacio Media Fresno.


Work Experience

Robert started working with Fresno’s Kool Design, his family’s business at the age of 15 - cleaning glass display cases, sweeping the floors, and other small tasks. As he grew with the business, the tasks seemingly grew more advanced, now Robert is a lead salesman, graphic designer, and partner at Fresno’s Kool Design.


Along with working for his family, Robert engaged himself into his own business in the year 2015, known as Palacio Prints. Palacio Prints is a project of Robert’s where he focuses on creating custom shirts, stickers, signs, banners and much more.


Palacio Media Fresno starts on October 30th, 2017 with an educational video titled “How to Install Stickers - Fresno’s Kool Design” filmed and edited by Alex Helman (@Helman559) With the understanding that as we become more of a technology driven society, for Palacio Media Fresno to grab and retain one’s attention - we must create great content in a timely manner through the one vessel of communication that virtually everyone has - the smartphone.


Robert Palacio’s newest project Fresno Community Gardens is a project Robert is deeply passionate about. The goal of Fresno Community Gardens is to provide a safe, creative, and educational place for people of all ages, ethnicities, and communities. Using the Square Foot Gardening technique developed by Mel Bartholomew, Fresno Community Gardens hopes to teach people the importance of gardening; offer a safe (after-school) environment for children, and to use the Gardens for public events & for artists to express their creative abilities.



Robert Palacio is attending Fresno City College in pursuit of a Associates of Science Business Administration - with a focus in Management. Next, he plans to finish his education at California State University, Fresno to earn an Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a focus in Management. Early on, Robert learned that he much rather work with his brain and that every organization or body of individuals needs a ethical, responsive, and innovative leader. Robert Palacio aspires to be that leader each and every growing day.


I am Robert Palacio, an aspiring leader of the Central Valley of California. I am not afraid to learn, take risks, or be out of my comfort zone. I live for applying technology to practical uses. I enjoy creative work and will see a project from start to finish, regardless of the time or energy involved. I am a passionate, creative, and technical worker/leader.


I would like to create value whiling making YOU money on your next project(s).