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Meessage from the

Team Leader:

Greetings, this is Robert

with Palacio Media

Fresno. The Master Plan 

of Palacio Media Fresno

is to move Fresno in the

direction of being one of

the three greatest cities

to live in California; only

to be contested by San Francisco or Los Angeles.

Making Fresno one of the top 3 greatest cities to live in California IS possible but we need your help; Fresno is not perfect and maybe it never will be - BUT we can learn from the mistakes of other California cities to increase the quality of life for everyone.

We need to address the issues of homelessness, housing, and create a portfolio of investments wide enough to adequately suit the needs of this expanding city.

Now, at this point I am sure you are wondering, "Well, gee, Rob that sounds great and everything, but what does photos, videos, and custom apparel have to do with making the world a better place?"

Well - I made some connections and have had long periods of critical thinking and planning - to the point of the creation & development of Palacio Media Fresno.

With the gift of technology, we now have access to information faster than ever, we now have access to the truth faster than ever, individual and community lives can be examined and improved faster than ever.

Having said that, if we can focus on the good, bad and the ugly of the Central Valley in a just manner and expose Fresno and the surrounding cities for what it is - it will be up to us to make the neccessary changes. And with all neccessary changes,

the first step is awareness.


If you would like to be apart of the cause, please join the team by emailing and we can help YOU do what you love.


For all business inqiuires please refer to the email at the beginning of this page. Thank you for supporting local - we are your friends, your neighbors, and your community!