Note: the Pricing sheet below is calculated for per t-shirts and is a base price* only. it is subject to change.

Base price = Gildan Unisex 50/50 cotton/Polyester shirt 

Fresno's Kool Design have no minimums, however we do offer price breaks as the number of garments increase.


Fresno's Kool Design charge by:

Amount of Shirts

Amount of colors/print location

Example: A business would like 12 white shirts for their business. On the shirts, they would like a 1 color pocket size print on the front and a 1 color print on the back of the shirt. Looking at the T-shirt Pricing Guide below, we will look to the left side of the guide (given white shirts are less expensive then colored shirts.) 1 color on front and back of 12 shirts = $14 a piece 

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